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Be a Muslim, You Already Are!

La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah (3)

Recently, I struck up a conversation with a newly reverted Muslim. He described that he have been living as ‘muslim’ for most of his life, prior to his declaration of syahadah; the declaration that Allah is the only God and Prophet Muhammad is His Messenger, which signify his reversion to Islam.

This is not the first time I hear something of that sort. In fact, Prophet Muhammad once said that “Every child is born in the state of ‘fitrah’, the parents then raise them as Jew, Christian or Majusi” as narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

Islam is the religion of submission. Muslim are those who submit themselves in entirety to rules of Allah. The fact is that the whole universe is submitting to the rules of Allah. Every single thing in the universe is behaving in manner according to the rules of Allah, and none have the choice to behave differently. The law of nature is actually the rules that Allah have set.

Mankind are subjected to the law of nature, hence is also obeying the rules of Allah. The human body is behaving in a way that Allah have set, certain things is good for the body, certain things may harm it, the physical, biological and physiological parts of the human body is obeying the rules of Allah, and have no other choice but to obey. The heart will stop at a time already fixed by Allah. No matter how good our knowledge in science and how good our technology in medicine, none may run away from his imminent death. In essence, part of every human being is submitting to the rules of Allah, hence he or she is a Muslim.

However, being a special creation of Allah, mankind are given the freewill, the faculty of thought, and the ability to choose and think and with those gifts, come a great responsibility in which all mankind will be answerable in front of Allah for all the choice that they have made in their life. There shall be a day of reckoning, a day of which all good deeds no matter how small shall be rewarded and no bad deeds no matter how small shall be left unaccounted.

Muslim will never be alone. In submitting to Allah, the one and only god, the Muslim is living in coherence with the entire universe. In fact, in every men and women, no matter what is their religion, belief or cultural background, part of them are already a Muslim, unconsciously submitting to the law of Allah, the one and only god.


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