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The Colours of Autumn

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It is a sunny day in autumn
My bubbly little girl curiously questioned
Why the leaves becomes red, oh dad?
Oh my dear this is the season called autumn

In fact red is not the only colour
Each tree is unique and so do each leaf
As if each and every one had chosen their own
And the mix become the colours of autumn

Some are fiery red and some are pink
And some more are somewhere in between
There are yellow and there are bright orange
And many more are somewhere in between

While some colours continue to change
As if every day is a transition
As the autumn passing towards the end
And yet some trees continue to stay green

The mix and the colours and the varieties we’ve seen
The changes and transition and those which stay the same
Making the scenery more scenic and breathtaking
All those are not merely coincidence

What have made the colours changed?
Is it the time, the temperature or the sun?
Why each and every leaf behaves in different?
Is it simply because of the autumn?

As my mind continue to think
What kind of answer should I have given?
As I continue to be drown in appreciation
Words alone are just lost in translation

Then I remember a verse that said
Not a single leaf fall without Him knowing
And there is nothing that might have happen
Except those that He have given permission

Just like the leaves that are so colourful
In all shapes and sizes and colours in front of you
All of those will one day be fallen
At a fixed time that He had chosen

And I am humbled by the simple question
And the simple answer that I have given
A reminder in case I have forgotten
That all those that have just happened
Simply not just because of the AUTUMN

“With Him are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He. He knoweth whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered), but is (inscribed) in a record clear (to those who can read).” Holy Quran, Al-An’am (The Cattle) [6:59]

Zaizul A. Zaman, La Mauricie National Park, 6th Oct 2013


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