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Life is all about consequences

Life cannot be separated from consequences, in fact life is all about consequences. Everything we do in life is all about managing consequences from our action or even from our inaction. Those are the rules of life and we may attribute that to sunnatullah.

laha ma kasabat, wa ‘alaiha maktasabat

When we do something, we will have to face the consequences of what we did, sooner or later in some form or another. Big things may bring big consequences just like small things bring smaller ones.

Most importantly, we will also face the consequences of all our action in The Day of Resurrection, when all our deeds will be accounted for, the good deeds will be rewarded and the bad will be punished no matter how big or how small and nothing will surely not be left out.

I pray that Allah will make me stronger in facing the consequences in life.



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