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And they have a new POPE!

For the past week, I have been listening rather closely to the election of the new Pope to lead the world 1.2 billion Christian Catholics, which become one of the major news in the local radio I listened to on the way to and from my office. There is a particular attention to the issue over here for two main reasons; the first: Quebec was once said to be the capital of Catholics in pluralistic Canada; the second: Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec is said to be one of the close contender to be elected as Pope.

Why this issue attract my attention?

The radio coverage on this issue during the past week brought out a number of questions:

  1. The relevance of religion in the general people day to day lives.
  2. The solution and closure to a number of sexual abuses within the churches around the world.
  3. The future willingness of churches to embrace homosexuality, abortion and contraception, among others.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet according the radio coverage is said to be among the conservative cardinal, in which in one of his speech said “we are not here to please people, we are here to say what God say, what the Book say”

As a Muslim, I do believe that is exactly why religion is needed, so that people will behave in accordance to the way that the God wanted all people to be, in which the word of god was spread by the prophets and his companions and kept alive in the Script of Quran.

This afternoon, when I noticed that the Pope have been chosen, and Pope Francis (Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina) was chosen, one of the earliest description from AP was “He is well-known for his humility and espouses church teachings on homosexuality, abortion and contraception”

In my mind, the Catholics seem to be losing its grip and now were forced to change to stay relevant.

I do really hope that same attempt to “change to stay relevant” will not be applied to Islam, although I have seen the same undercurrent currently being spearheaded by the so-called moderate Muslim. Islam is a religion of moderation and there is no need to further moderate or liberate this beautiful, complete religion.

Islam is the way of life till the day of judgement!


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  1. umar
    March 14, 2013 at 9:30 am

    Francis has spoken out strongly against gay marriage, denouncing it in 2010 as “an attempt to destroy God’s plan”.

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