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What i wanna be?

Being able to ask ourself the question of “What I really want to be?” is indeed a great blessing. Not many people are able to ask that question. In most cases, we don’t have such freedom to really dwell into deep thoughts to answer such question. In most cases, the answer seems to be there already, with not many options are available.

Look around and see how many people around us are ‘trapped’ in their circumstances, leaving them to decide against their will. How many people have to wake up in the morning and ask themselves “why i need to do this job?”. How many people live their life blaming everyone but themselves for making the choice for them, blaming the parents for forcing their unaccomplished mission on them, blaming the scholarship provider for choosing the course to be taken, blaming the employer who ‘forced’ them to accept the job that does not fit their preference and qualifications, blaiming the society for forcing them to embrace the ‘values’ that are against their inner sense, and the list goes on. As a result of these so called circumstances, we then trapped in thick of thin things that leave us no space and time to really have our deep thoughts and principle to guide us.

The question such as “what i really want to be” invites deep thoughts and require us to reflect deep within ourselves to get the answer. It require courage to to really hold on to our principle and stand up against whatever challenges that we may face. It require us to have deep sense of purpose, the purpose of our existence.

The truth is we have the freedom to make the choice and we are accountable for the choice that we make.

“Verily, we showed him the way, whether he be grateful or otherwise” (al-insaan;3)
or in malay translation:
“sesunggunya kami menunjukkan mereka akan jalan-jalan, samaada dia akan bersyukur (dengan beriman dan taat) atau pun dia berlaku kufur (dengan mengingkari kebenaran atau menderhaka)”

The following verses in Al-Insaan then refer to the consequences of such choice.

The same messages is conveyed in the verses 7-10 in chapter As-Shams. Mankind have the freedom of choice and will be answerable to what ever choice they make in this life.

To emphasize, the truth is we have the freedom of choice and we are accountable for the choice that we make.

So lets make the right choice, and be brave to face the consequences of our choice. There’s no point in blaimng others for the choice that we make!

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